Jordan Frye - EP

by Jordan Frye

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First of all I just need to say that these songs are way over due. I wrote the majority of this EP in college, but some of these songs date back to when I was in high school (and I’m nearly 25 now). I grew up listening to James Taylor around the house and later got lost in the nuances of Damien Rice, Jeremy Enigk, and David Bazan. There’s something in the ethos of these writers that has always shaped and defined me, but for some reason I’ve never had the courage to really put myself out there. I can’t quite pinpoint the thing that finally pushed me over, all I can say is that this project is the culmination of many, many conversations. Conversations with people who care deeply about me, people who loved me enough to ask, “Hey when are you going to record your own stuff?” This EP is my first response to those voices. These songs are about divorce, cancer, romantic love, naivety, despair, and glimpses of hope that seep in through the window when you least expect it. I hope you enjoy them, drive with them, fall asleep to them, and think about them – because they're not just my stories, they're yours.


released April 6, 2010

Acoustic/Electric Guitars: Jordan Frye
Violin: Kelly Bennett
Cello: Brenton Moore
Bass: Evan Amo
Drums: Justin Wright
Claps, Stomps, and bg vocals: Dan Miles

Mixed, Mastered, & Engineered by Keith Milgaten

Produced by Jordan Frye ASCAP 2010



all rights reserved


Jordan Frye

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Track Name: Holiday
Just a week gone by
& i forgot
The color in her eye
So you're still the one
or so i thought
i made you laugh
You know i tried

You & i
We could take up all my time
It could of been nice
What if it feels right
Summer day
Thinking of the longest drive
Thought how nice
i thought it might be right

& i remember when we used to talk
Didn't know you
& i was young
Now that we're still friends we talk a lot
Thought i loved you
For what was love

i'll see you in the holiday
i don't know what to do
i think i just miss you
Track Name: Take You With Me
My bags are packed & i'm on my way
& where i go i can not say
But i take you
Yes i take you with me

& when there's nothing left but time
i'll take your picture in my mind
& i'll take you
& i'll take you with me
& i'll take you
Yes i'll take you with me

i'm holding on to you forever
So when i come back you'll believe
That i took you
Yes i took you with me
That i took you
That i took you with me
Track Name: Heaven Knows
She falls asleep in the shower
& talks like she's been there before
Talks on the phone for an hour
Runs down the aisle at the grocery store

She's the kind of girl
That will make him stop
When the time is right
It's gonna break his heart

& i don't know this
i don't know this girl
Heaven knows
She's my kind of
She's my kind of girl
Heaven knows it's true

She'll leave you and never say goodnight
Then tell you to write her a song
Dance like she's in the spotlight
Pretends like there's nothing that could go wrong

She's the kind of girl
That will make you stop
When the time is right
It's gonna break your heart
Track Name: Fireworks
Wake me up before the sunrise
Spend another day with you
Tell me all about the good life here
& i will write a song for two

Take you out under the moonlight
Watch the fireworks with you
Till tomorrow i should say goodnight
& maybe i'm in love

Summer felt like forever
Forever feels so far away
If i leave it's now or never dear
But i know that you will be ok

Oh maybe i'm in love
Hey maybe i'm in love
Till tomorrow i should say goodnight
& maybe i'm in love
With you
With you
With you
With you
Track Name: Leaving
i can't believe i feel this way
i shut my eyes & lay awake
Is this the day for one more mistake
& how much regret can one man take?

So i, i'm leaving
So i, i'm leaving
i'm leaving

If all else goes & and i'm standing here
Won't you take me now and calm my fears
On my knees i began to pray
Then you shut my eyes, i'm wide awake

So i, i'm leaving
i'm leaving
So i, i'm leaving
i'm leaving
Track Name: These Days
There are moments in life when time stands still
& all we can do it wait
Let's pass this piton so our lives can move on
& leave the rest up to fate

& these tears that we cry
Fill tomorrow's goodbyes
& their almost like yesterday's rain
Cause these days that i gave
Are washed all away
& they're never coming back again

There are moments in life when we can barely hold on
To see the very next day
But what if maybe the sun will arise
& color the sky
To shine on me and light up my way

& these days
That you gave
Were new everyday
& i'm counting on you
To bring one back again